Tiger King Episode 7 Recap, Walkthrough, and Notes


So this episode starts off with Joe in jail and the new sole owner of the zoo, Jeff explaining how he is cliquing up with Tim Stark to open a new park away from the old site of GW.


The crazy thing about it, is that the hitman Allen, who actually took the money and was on his way to commit murder didn’t get any jail time or nothing! That’s crazy! Without him, Joe couldn’t be setting this up right? How come he’s not counted as a co-conspirator?


When they went back to Joe’s Libertarian Campaign Manager and he said “fawk the feds” that was hilarious.


It’s crazy how everybody turned on Joe and how Carole and her husband; the snitch CI Garretson; and Jeff's shady ass are all still out here living their best lives. COLD WORLD!


Oh shyt this is the quote of all quotes for a backstabbing scammer: “They call it setup, I call it investigation..” (Jeff Lowe) Wow! Jeff don’t give a flying fawk!


Now Jeff is out here living his best life having new babies and flying in hot nannies, AND now he has Tim doing all of the work on the new zoo alone; so he’s scammed yet another person! This is wild!


Joe’s First Husband, Three Teeth’s new coverup tattoo is a HORRIBLE coverup. You can literally still see the old tramp stamp tattoo lol. Like how do you get up and walk out of the shop when you can still see the tattoo that was meant to be covered up?!


I’m glad Joe only got 22 years! Hopefully he’ll get out sooner than that by cooperating with PETA and The Feds!


Man this series was crazy and I hope Garretson eventually gets some sort of jail time or somebody at least beat his ass or he gets bitten by a tiger or something. His phony ass shouldn’t get away untouched!


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Tiger King Episode 6 Recap, Walkthrough, and Notes

Alright so now we find out that Joe done had to bail out Jeff from jail a couple of times, so Jeff was “on paper” and couldn’t violate his probation by doing any type or fukboi activities. Then BOOM, Jeff finds out that Joe has been forging his name on checks and funneling money from the zoo business to fund his failed gubernatorial campaign!!! Wow!


How could Jeff not notice this sooner? Where did he think Joe was getting all of the money for the campaign?! If Jeff wasn’t out here trying to have orgies in Vegas he probably would’ve checked the books sooner! See, this is why a trustworthy partner is paramount in business. You can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor if your partner is undermining the operation smh.


Joe skips town ASAP!


Ohhhh now we find out that the investigation is based on Joe’s threats to kill Carole!!!!


Oh shyt! So not only does Jeff try to strike a deal with James Garrettson (someone that I didn’t think was going to be important before, but clearly he’s the entire KEY TO THIS ENTIRE STORY!) and Carole to backstab Joe, but this naker James has been a Confidential Informant (C.I.) for the Feds the whole time because he was trying to beat his own case with the USDA for illegally buying animals and running credit card fraud! Da fugg?! Awwww man!


Joe’s dumb ass actually paid Jeff’s boy to kill Carole smh. Why would you ever do that?! Cmon son! If you wanted her dead for real you can’t trust another felon to do it for you. You gotta expect that they won’t have a problem throwing you under the bus to save their ass. There’s definitely no honor amongst thieves; that belief has always been ridiculous to me!  With all of those guns and target practice, he should’ve just done it himself. Why leave any loose ends?! That meth fried his logical receptors lol.


Welp, Joe’s locked up now! Damn shame.


Till the next episode!


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Tiger King Episode 5 Recap, Walkthrough, and Notes

So boom. Joe Exotic decides to dead ass run for President, put together a campaign, failed and then said fawk it, and ran for Governor instead lol. That campaign fails too and at the same time his new staff tried to set him up to get attacked by tigers during a promo video shoot lol. Yup! All of that is going on!


Then we get into how BOTH of Joe’s husbands weren’t really gay, but were Gay-For-Pay and Drugs provided by Joe! Also BOTH Husbands were smashing all of the chicks that worked at the zoo!!!!Haaaaaa! Whet?!


Oh shyt!! Joe’s 2nd Husband Travis freakin killed himself playing with a gun high off Meth!!! I didn’t see this coming at all. I thought he was going to black out and kill somebody else in Joe’s honor. Damn.


The next craziest thing is how junky and ratchet Joe’s house is. I don’t know why I thought it would be in better shape, but he lives like a hoarder. That house is filthy and he got the nerve to be going on a date! Smh.


Sooo he marries the first guy he dated two months after Travis died and then he got blown out in the race for Governor. Next thing we know, somebody done planted a listening device on top of the mawfuggin Gift Shop!!! Biiiih. Why God why?! Who done set Joe up?! Carole-n-em or Jeff that said he was sneaking off in the woods talking about how Joe had went off the deep end?! Also, what in the world are they even interested in getting him discussing or admitting to? What the hell is the purpose of the bug?!




Till next episode!


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Tiger King Episode 4 Recap, Walkthrough, and Notes


So in this episode Joe Exotic has gotten fed up with Carole Baskin and has decided to rename his traveling circus Big Cat Rescue Entertainment and mimicked their logo, as an affront (aka a big F*!k YOU) to Carole’s company and he started stealing her internet traffic and posting wild pictures of Carole-n-em posing with bloody rabbits saying that they were animal abusers! Weird! (The rabbits were feed for the lions.)


Then Joe continues to get plastic dolls and stuff and name them Carole and shoot them and use dildos on them ON CAMERA. Joe is totally unraveling at this point. I mean he was already cray, but now he’s even being outrageous for his standards!


Eventually Carole’s Big Cat Rescue company wins a $1M lawsuit against Joe because she flexed on him with the deep pockets from murking her millionaire husband! We all know that eventually bigger money wins in court 99.99% of the time.


BOOM! Somebody blows up Joe’s recording studio and they have a video of the arsonist walking away from the scene smh! What the hell?! Carole ain’t playing! But it could be ANYBODY! Joe’s producer Freddy Kruger is HURT!! Making Joe’s life into a reality show for a big network was supposed to be how he secured the bag, and now that dream was up in smoke like a Wiz Kalifah and Snoop tour!  The crazy twist is that Kruger suspects that Joe actually burned it down himself to destroy evidence against him as part of the Carole lawsuit, and to get him out of his contract with Kruger! The even crazier part of this is that there’s a video of Joe basically discussing this way out with his LAWYER. The video is actually very clear and indisputable. Wild stuff! I definitely think he paid somebody to burn the studio down.


Next we get introduced to a new investor named Jeff Lowe, who will save the day for Joe. Jeff is a new playboy millionaire who drives a Ferrari, charters private jets, and had his own big cats. Jeff uses the tiger and lion cubs as bait to get human pussy in Vegas lol. “A little pussy gets you a lot of pussy” (Jeff Lowe)


Jeff Lowe starts to infuse money into the operation, forms a new company to operate the zoo, and is paying Joe’s lawyer fees and everything! They’re popping champagne and doing the dougie all over his mansion and offering new cash rewards to take down Carole. Joe Exotic has fallen totally in love with this guy! However, I don’t really trust this dude. Where did he get all of this money from? Vegas ballers always be on some scammy shyt! Lol. We’ll see.


Then..... it turns out to all be a scam! O was right! Yooo! The Ferrari payments are late and the mansion is rented!!!! Lmao OH SHYT! Joe done ran away from Carole into the arms of wolf in sheep’s clothing! Jeff Lowe done STOLE the Zoo!!


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Tiger King Episode 3 Recap, Walkthrough, and Notes



So Carole’s husband’s ex-wife, kids, his business partner, and the police ALL believe that she killed her missing husband Don.


Don was a millionaire when he met Carole and was stashing gold bars in the walls and yards of his homes. So Carole met him, saw he was an older (22 years older than her) emotionally needy guy and probably knew right then and there, that she could eventually take him out. Easy Mark looking boy!


Now we learn that Carole and Don actually bred and sold big cats just like Joe and Doc, but Carole just wanted them as pets while Don was trying to STACK THIS PAPER and make it a business so that’s where the impasse was. Most importantly, turns out Don was a playa playa and had hoes in Costa Rica, and of course Carole was jealous and territorial, just like a cat, so it was only a matter of time before she SNAPPED!


So Don got a restraining order against Carole in June and he was gone in August without a trace and his van was at the airport with the keys in it?! Nawl man! Carole killed that man.  Every time she talks about him disappearing she’s laughing and smiling smh. Damn shame what she did to that man!


Carole changed his will, said phuck dem kids, and took all of the money and assets. It’s an obvious scam because he wouldn’t leave behind all of his money and move to Costa Rica broke; and most importantly he wouldn’t leave his cats!


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Tiger King Episode 2 Recap, Walkthrough, and Notes



Well we start of this episode with an employee named Saff, getting her arm chomped off by a tiger. Saff decided to get her forearm amputated, and went back to work a week later, because she said she believed in Joe’s mission. Maaaann listen, I clearly don’t care about any mission enough. Maybe I need a purpose on life.  Let’s BE CLEAR! If a tiger bites my arm off under ANY circumstance, I ain’t going back to work for at least a month! I’ll be in pain and distress PERIODT!  Y’all just got The Rona and taking off.. this mawfugga literally lost a limb and didn’t take PTO! Lol


Pro-Tip Information Revealed On This Episode: Amazingly a tiger cub only costs $2K. That is about $8K cheaper than I assumed they were. I could’ve bought a tiger instead of an iPad! Who knew?!?


Next we meet Tim Stark who is another Tiger/Big cat breeder who is strapped with an AR and ain’t taking y’all’s crap!


Then we meet Mario Tabreau in Miami, FL who is a Cuban ex-drug-lord who says he sold cocaine to fund his exotic pet obsession! They further go on to reveal that he was actually living the life of the fictional movie character “Scarface.” Lol whet?!


Mario used to get a lot of his animals from Doc! Doc is the Pet Plug for the Drug Plug!


Mario’s wife Maria shops at Baby Gap for clothes for the pet monkeys that they raise in the house. Like dead ass! Lol.


Back to Doc. Doc had 3+ wives that live on the property and he forces them to work in his business 12+ hours per day because he preyed on them when they were barely legal and he finessed them with illusions of grandeur. Sounds kinda like R.Kelly’s approach, but apparently everybody is okay with the Doc’s setup smh lawwrd.  Apparently he is a Doctor of Mystical Science; just like Dr. Dre is a doctor or beats! ALSO, Doc’s name, if your remember is Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, and “Bhagavan” means “LORD” hahahahahaha, so this bama’s name is Doctor Lord Antle, and he’s dead ass serious B, and so is his cult! I swear I wasted my brain on doing good and being logical, and as of the day I’m writing this, I will live more free! Thanks Doc!


So listen, we find out that Joe has TWO Husbands, and the primary husband, John aka “Threeee Teef”, has a whole FRONTAL TRAMP STAMP on his pelvis for his husband that says “Privately Owned Joe Exotic;” and at this point friends this has become way tew murch (too much).


How Joe convinced the second husband, Travis, to give him the D was the most ridiculous thing ever. Lol. You will be shocked by the logic that Joe offered this boy. Ol Travis was young and dumb too, so Joe was preying on him like Doc preyed on those young girls! Geez!


So back to Carole. Carole has hundreds of people that work for her as VOLUNTEERS only, so she had zero employee related overhead; but she gets income from the tours and tens of thousands of dollars from social media monthly. She’s winning! Free labor is the best labor, and she didn’t even have to go off shore! ROI on FLEEK!


So during this entire episode, there’s been one former Doc cult member who has been telling her story, and she dead ass said she agreed to get breast implants so she could take a break from work and get some rest. Whet?! What type of logic is that? These people are cray! I mean just go work at Chick-Fil-A sis!


Meanwhile Joe’s cult members eat day old/ throw away meats from local grocery stores that they give to Joe since they can’t re-sell previously purchased meat that has been returned or left for whatever reason. So basically Joe’s cult is eating out of the trash. Again, dis tew murch!


Now your girl Carole is back on the scene saying that Joe and Doc are euthanizing and shooting the cats once they get too big, but WHOLETIME, the way she’s been funding her operation is with millions of dollars that she inherited from her husband who vanished off the face of God’s Green Earth, without a trace! Wayment... whet?!


Rumor is she killed her husband and fed him to a rescue cat! High-key, I totally believe it! She definitely killed her husband. She never even denied it. She just said it would “make for wonderful sales of newspapers to speculate” that she killed him lol. Well yeaahhh, and it’s even greater because it’s true lol. You can look at her and tell she’s untrustworthy. #ScamAlert #CantTrustIt


Woo this was a lot! Till the next episode!


Come back and check out my review of the next episode after you finish this one!


Thanks for reading, and remember, don't drink and drive, because you might spill some!




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Tiger King Episode 1 Recap, Walkthrough, and Notes


So, we start off the entire series with Freddie Kruger talking and then we quickly transition into a shot of a guy in a cowboy outfit rocking a pair of bedazzled handcuffs on his belt, and a voiceover of a guy named Joe Exotic calling from a correctional facility. Oh, this is gonna be good!


Next thing we know they’re milking venomous snakes and transporting SNOW LEOPARDS in FLOR-REE-DA!  Ahh, of course this story involves the trashiest state in the country... Florida! Lol


Boom, we’re at Joe Exotic’s zoo called the GW Zoo in Oklahoma, two male tigers are trying to mate in the cage, and at this point we should’ve known it’s going to get weird.


Oh, a guy, with a grand total of THREE front teeth is the HEAD Trainer at a Tiger Zoo that he found on Craigslist! Lmao. Whet?!


A guy with two prosthetic tattooed legs, and a girl with one-arm make statements about how great Joe Exotic is.. and then we find out that Freddy Kruger (real name, Rick Kirkham) is actually a Television Producer for Joe’s daily TV Show!


Joe Exotic hates this lady named Carole Baskin, who hates him for running a zoo where big cats are held captive; but she low key also runs a zoo under the cover of calling it a rescue sanctuary. The main thing that is obvious with Carol is that she doesn’t have as good of a connection with her cats as Joe Exotic and his crew does with their cats.


Joe Exotic is also a musician who sells tiger-themed drawls, but he doesn’t actually wear drawls and his HUSBAND has a total of ONE FRONT TOOTH, his husband’s name is John Finley.


Next we meet a guy named Bhagavan “Doc” Antle who is Joe Exotic’s muse that got him started in the Big Cat game. Doc charges $339 per person, to get in his zoo, and there are people that go multiple times per month. These rednecks got plenty of money to spend apparently!!! Sheesh! They clearly don’t need a Coronavirus Stimulus check!


Now we’re back to Joe’s nemesis, Carole Baskin who formed a task force to track Joe, and petition towns and venues to disallow Joe’s exotic animal road show, which now includes a MAGIC component! Oh, Joe got a Circus circus now!!!


NBA Legend Shaquille O’neal BOUGHT 2+ TIGERS from Joe’s Zoo!


Doc used to take his exotic animals on late night TV shows, and I dead ass remember when he used to be on Jay Leno. I watched Jay Leno every night throughout high school and I remember Doc on there a couple of times, now that they are replaying the footage! Cray!


Doc lived in a real place called “Yogaville” in Buckingham, Virginia. Lol.


Pro-Tip Information Revealed: A single tiger cub can generate $100K in 6 weeks between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 weeks.


Joe Exotic says that he’s ready to set it off like David Koresh in Waco, TX, if anybody tries to stop his zoo! Man! Nothing ever good happens in Waco, TX; between the Branch Davidians Cult mass suicide, and the biker gang shootout in 2015, where 200+ people were involved in a shootout with police, but no one was convicted, Waco is just associated with high-level malarkey!


Back to Carole Baskin, who is an awkward lady, hosts weddings, graduations, tours, etc. at her animal “sanctuary,” which is just another zoo. She and Joe go back and forth with slandering each other on the internet and on highways with billboards. Joe is wild and uses a plastic dummy named “Carol” as target practice while shooting his AR-15!


This episode ends with a cut-in of Joe speaking on the phone from jail, saying he shouldn’t be locked up and he’s going to take everybody down with him!


Oh shyt, why is Joe in jail?!? We need to know! I mean, with all of this going on, there are a few reasons he could be locked up. Sorry to that man!


Whatever he did, at this point I already like Joe, so #FreeJoeExotic lol. Maybe we’ll find out why he’s in jail next episode. Maybe I’ll change my mind and want him to stay locked up.  We’ll see.


Come back and check out my review of the next episode after you finish this one!


Thanks for reading, and remember, don't drink and drive, because you might spill some!




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