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1 – I like how Elisa Marie wasn’t having that BS about Uncle Benny being missing.  She’s the only kid on the show that acts her apparent age, and maybe even a little bit older, but definitely not younger like they had Yas and Cash acting; OH, and former NY Yankee A-Rod from Episode 12 acting like a young teen, as Angie’s nephew.


2 – Tommy’s mom reminds me of my mama with the combination of making legit points, mixed in with foolery and ratchedness lol.  She ran down some good points about why Ghost wouldn’t have killed Lakeisha, but at the same time we know that Ghost ALSO shot up Tommy’s car and tried to kill him in the ambulance too lol.  #Balance


3 – I really like the new Italian Aunt, she’s a hard ass and ain’t going for shyt!  I’m glad that she didn’t buy Tariq’s BS about not knowing Tommy and Ghost.  Tariq’s emotional range is -3.


4 – I’m glad that Tommy got that evidence bag and found out that Tasha killed LaKeisha instead of Ghost.  That confrontation in Tasha’s apartment was intense.  Even though I knew that he wasn’t going to shoot her, I wasn’t totally SURE sure; and that’s crazy because the story line clearly shows them being alive together later after Ghost gets shot.  Good job by the actors and production team on that scene.


5 – I’m glad that they showed us some more detail about that warehouse shootout, with Ghost and Tommy, but it was still mad random that Cedric The Entertainer was in there shot up lmao.  We REALLY really need answers on why Cedric The Entertainer is after Ghost and Tommy LMAO.

Also, did Ghost have that Superman spiral curl bang in the original scene? lol


6 – Elisa Marie is coming through in the clutch.  She knows how to play the game and give the right answers.  Tommy don’t want that smoke from the mafia.  Good tie back by the writers on that.  Now THAT would make perfect sense for him to have to skip town. Bravo.


7 – Yo they edited that Paz-and-Tommy loft scene to include him mentioning Ghost and they took out the part where Tommy said he would call the cops. Damnit I wish I didn’t pay attention to detail, because those lil subtle things made a difference in the original scene.


8 – It’s wild that Elisa Marie was in the car having a heart-to-heart with the guy that killed her father AND her uncle.  I’m glad that he took her back home and didn’t kill her! Lawwrd.


9 – Tariq is the absolute worst!  Tommy tries to reason with him with real-life examples of how their stories mesh and how he regrets the hate that he had for his dad, but Tariq’s randomly scorned ass is hell-bent on hating Ghost.  If the plan is to setup a spinoff with Tariq as the head, I will NEVER watch it, off of GP.


10 – The shootout scene with Vincent and the crew was one of the best action scenes that Tommy has had in a while.


11 – Who THEE FUK did Tommy look up at upstairs?!  Clearly Tariq right?  Ghost died still trying to protect Tariq’s bobble-head ass smh.  Again, if I see the actor in real life at Chick Fil A or Starbucks, I’m swinging on him.  Dead ass B!


12 – Why did Tommy’s mama fry him like that about wanting to be like Ghost? She’s disrespectful as hell.


13 – I KNEW GHOST left Tommy some money or something!  I called it in my last review! #CornbreadKnows. Fixing up his car as an apology for trying to murder him was very nice lol.  He had to have left him some money too no?


14 – That shot in Spanky’s eye was the quickest and most accurate shot ever!


15 – I had anxiety while Tommy drove off.  I was sure some random car was about to pull up full of Italians blasting! Lawwrd #TheStress


Ahight that’s all I got folks! Till next time, y’all be easy, and don’t drink and drive, you might spill some. #LogAwt


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Man listen, we've waited for a couple of months for Power to come back on, and to start getting closer to finding out Who Shot Ghost, and the writers came through with the "Meh" yet again. Geez. Here's my rundown as it happened!
1- Dre is TOTALLY NOT “Good at this shit (drug game)”
2- “I ain’t no snitch” has always been the dumbest street code in the world because somebody definitely always snitches and the others suffer for it. In real life there are ZERO rules and codes that are upheld in the streets. Save yourself. Worry bout yourself!
3- Tariq’s acting skills are terrible, and I realized why. He says the lines like he reads them directly off of the cue cards with no inflection or emotion based on the context or situation.

4- All of these dudes are small as fuk lol. Maybe they’re showing more full length shots but between Tate, Spank (Spotswood), and Tariq, these bamas are petite as fuk lmao.

5- The cops letting Dre take a piss under a bridge unsupervised and not caring to try to track him down was so ridiculous and unrealistic lol, but aye that’s TV Magic.
6- Dre broke into his mama’s house to steal her jewelry and then flips it on her being a bad mom and calling him names? Talk about a dysfunctional relationship?! Bravo for that mindfuck. That’s how some of y’all’s boyfriends and girlfriends be playing y’all every month and got you posting those dry ass whining relationship memes every week lmao. Get ya mind right! Know your worth queens and kings!
7- Tate paying Dre to kill Ghost was totally unexpected, but I liked the insurance of knowing Dre’s new identity; but again, wouldn’t Tate have known that Dre escaped protective custody?
8- Okay, so neither Dre, nor Blanca shot Ghost, but why did Dre just straight snuff Blanca like that coming out of the club? LMAO. Didn’t she just get him out of jail? These mawfuggas ain’t loyal! SHEESH!
9- Why in Black Jesus’ name would Dre stop at the gas stations for FUNIONS under these circumstances?!
10- So GHOST IS DEAD!!! The damn news said Ghost was “found murdered!” I’m appalled. (More on this below.)
11- This is going to sound bad, but Thank God Dre is dead! He survived like 4 Seasons too long with the help of Tariq’s dumb ass tipping him off trying to be a bad boy.
12- Damn I can’t believe Ghost was ACTUALLY MURDERED! They didn’t waste any time revealing that. Now I feel like there’s really no reason to watch the rest of this series. If Ghost is dead, there’s really no Power. It’s like watching the The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, when they brought in the new Aunt Vivian .. what’s the point?! I think it’s clear just off of this episode that Tariq is going to eventually be revealed as the one who did it (maybe with help from Tasha and Tommy.). Right now, we know that minimally Tate, Dre, and Blanca are all not the shooter, and highly doubt it was Angie’s sister. So I’m guessing that Tommy and Tasha and Tariq actually made good on their lil “family” pact to kill Ghost. We’ll see.


#PowerReview #PowerFans #Episode10 Ahight y'all should've had time to watch Episode 10 by now, so here's my weekly rundown.  #ManListen


1- Why is Ghost still calling Tariq “son?” He needs to start calling him “lil muthaphucka” exclusively.


2- I love how the Attorney General talks to Saxe and kicks him out every time.


3- The new character, Uncle Gabe’s sudden recollection of “Jamie” escalated very quickly. So we learned that Ghost has a family lineage of owning a club huh? Interesting. Why didn’t he think to do that in the first place?


4- Ghost declaring his interest in, and making the move on Romona was unexpected. I thought she would crack first. Just like everything else recently, this infatuation escalated unreasonably quickly, even though it is about 4 episodes too late.  They should've been smashing by now!


5- Both Ghost and Tasha fall in love easily and get reckless with their love immediately. Ghost slobbing Ramona down in the middle of the banquet was ridiculous.  Everybody has constantly talked about how Tasha is always falling for every guy that shows interest, and Ghost is just as "easy."  Romona flashed her lil smile and now this dude wants to be the PREZ-O-DENT! lmao


6- “I release you from our marriage” is another good line from Ghost that goes along with “Have whatever type of day you’re going to have” as great one-liners.


7- Ghost roasted the hell out if Tate when Tate pulled up to the club to “warn” him lol SHEESH! What the hell?  Then he walked upstairs and fried Dre with the “helpless lil bitch” line. Geez. He was going super-hard. No cut cards, and no fux to give anymore!  I though Tate was going to swing on him, and I was sad that he didn't.  They need to have at least a wrestling match.


8- That shootout at the Tommy and Ghost meetup at the pier was random as hell. So, during the shootout, Tommy just runs into the gunfire blindly into the warehouse, and disappeared into thin air and the shooters just left and the shootout was over?! What in the world?! I then Ghost was just like ahight bet, let me get back to my meeting? LMAO.  The writers are wilding!  Who was that dead in the warehouse?


9- I knew that eventually the AG would be put in a situation where he had to get on board with the Wild Goose Chase for Ghost with Saxe. *Rolls Eyes* We'll never get rid of Saxe... Eh-VER!


10- Why does Tasha have that exaggerated new walk? It looks stank as hell lmao.


11- Wayment. Who the hell told Tasha that Ghost was going to snitch on Tariq? Ghost would NEVER! He still loves and has hope for Tariq’s silly ungrateful ass! However, Ghost saying that Tariq should confess is a HORRIBLE idea. Would he really want his son being the center of a murder investigation while he’s campaigning and/or serving as Lieutenant Governor? Totally not a good idea Casper!


12- All of these characters are bi-polar. Last episode Tariq threatened Ghost’s life and said “you’re not my father,” but this episode he’s saying he expects Ghost to honor his “promise” (AS A FATHER) of going down for Ray Ray's murder?! Boy if you don’t get the entire phuck outta here! You said you wanted to be THE MAN and a Dope Boy and Thug, don’t be scared now!


13- Why is Raina’s spirit 17+ years old? LOL.  They have these child-actors playing roles that are like 5-10 years younger than they are in real life/ seem believable.  They got that Lifetime TV casting director lol.


14- Maybe Ghost got his nickname from being a medium that’s able to communicate with the spirits because he’s always talking to ghosts.  Lil Ouija should be his name.


15- I can’t believe Dre is STILL in play. I hate it here!


16- So at first I didn’t believe that Ghost really got shot. I felt like it was a figurative death or a dream sequence, that will see him snap out of on the first episode in January.  I'm not sure now.  If he did actually get shot, I would guess that Tariq shot him because Tariq came back to give him the "one last chance" to change his mind, like Ghost said that he gave his victim.  Further, even if Ghost is shot for real, I don't think he'll die instantly.  Other than that I got nothing for what they could be thinking. Lastly I think somebody else will get shot in the club as a result of everybody getting there with guns at the same damn time.


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1- Do we know anything about Lakeisha’s Baby Daddy? Would he really be of any use to Tommy? I don’t remember him at all. Also, when did Tommy get that yellow car? 


2- Ramona is proposing Ghost as Lieutenant Governor tho?! This is so extra. He’s way too hot and unraveled right now to be a real public figure. He’ll be the poster-boy for Blackmail Bait. The drug dealing teacher and O-Dogg Tate will have stuff to hold over his head in any capacity as a public official. However, we finally see what Romona’s purpose has been. She has finally jumped in on the backstabbing! Lawwd geezus! 


Larenz O-Dogg Tate is going to try to kill Ghost! When Romona told him she was leaving he looked very distraught; way different than the swag he had when he hit Ghost with that “you ain’t gon do sh!t boy!” Lol


3- The plan to get Jason, The Serb Distro to the new building was genius. Ghost getting Dre to come to the roof was a good move, but then TV Magic made it so that somehow Dre escaped a surrounded building from the roof when the police were downstairs and upstairs?!


Why would they need Dre to plant the phone at Ghost’s hotel to get him on Silver? Wouldn’t the phone have whatever evidence they needed? Wouldn’t it better to find the phone in the car WITH the dead body?  


Ghost WOULD NEVER drop a big ass SAMSUNG NOTE or iPHONE 8PLUS at the scene in the car.  The writers are getting lazy again mayne!


Overall, Dre is just as irritating as Tariq, but at least he has a reason to be shady being a real competitor for Ghost. Tariq is just an ungrateful lil asshat for no reason. He literally has no reason to hate Ghost the way he does.



4- The teacher was definitely low key letting Ghost know what was going on with Tariq moving pillz through the school.


5- So TV Magic made it do that nobody saw Tommy’s Casper The Friendly Ghost Skin Tone ass peering from behind that fence at the warehouse raid?! Lol Stop! He wasn’t even trying to hide lol. Also if the workes saw him hiding and felt setup, why wouldn't they just yell out, "AYE THERE THAT MUTHAPHUCKA GO RIGHT THERE!!!" to the cops so that they ALL get locked, instead of just scowling through the backseat window like some chumps?!


6- Tasha’s Day Care Bae Q’s, character is so under-developed, but I’m feeling like he’s definitely a Fed or works for some random threat that we don’t see right now. He’s so random and popped up out of nowhere. Tasha is mid-key irritating with her neediness to be desired?.


7- The whole Family Conference where they all agreed that it was cool for Tommy to kill Ghost was weird like it always is when they’ve had their own individual meetings about it. See this is why Ghost just needs to kill them all and find a new Angie in Colombia or Cuba and just make a whole new family. This family ain’t loyal! 


They’ve lived well off of his decisions and drug money, but now they all hate hime for it?! Fuk this family! Better yet, don’t even kill them, just leave and let them all fend for themselves. If everybody wants him gone, just get gone. He’s fighting about 4 losing wars with people that should be on his side, but everybody is double-crossing him. Smh. He can take all the money from the club and whatever he was supposed to pay to Jason, and just move to Bangkok and live in a penthouse, drama free for like 10 years eating pad thai and watching Ping Pong shows (if you don't know what a Thai Ping Pong Show is, look it up) #FreeGhost.


8- They let my man Benny die a BS death. With all of that access to hitmen he has, there’s no way he pulls up on THOMAS EGAN with a SWITCH BLADE!!!!! C’mon Maannn! Benny? The guy who shut down the whole Italian Mafia ready to kill the whole St. Patrick Family, comes to Tommy solo dolo with a muthasteppin SWITCH BLADE?! Stop the madness!!! Him and Proctor were the only likable characters and the writers did them dirty on these dishonorable deaths!


9- OMG I told y’all that we weren’t done with Saxe! He’s another one along with Tariq, that if I see them in real life, I’m putting my Pumpkin Spice Nitro Cold Brew down and swinging on him because I’m not willing to separate TV from reality in this instance! 


Ahight, that's all I got for now, y'all be easy.  I feel like the writers have made a couple of strong episodes this season, but they are reaching on a bunch too and just leaving a bunch of loose ends.  They need to get me on staff! For really real! Somebody text 50 and put the word in! 


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