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Cornbread's Guest Appearances 

Selfies Gone Wrong & Pimpin Preachers:                      Guest Hosting w/ The Brunch Bitches

Dating Popular People:                                          Guest Hosting w/ This Date Is Over

Polygamy vs. Monogamy:                                      Guest Hosting w/ 4 Girls And A Bottle

Who Is Cousin Cornbread?

Cousin Cornbread is your favorite play cousin originally from Washington,DC, but who has traveled a lil bit and loves to explore the world, and is constantly Reporting Live from The Trap (#ReportingLiveFromTheTrap) in all parts of the country and internationally.  He is also the World's Best Contract Negotiator in Real Estate.  Your mama-n-em love him and he's your best friend's best friend.


He's an expert identifying scams (#ScamsExposed) and being Pro-Blackity Black, and he invented the term "Caucasity" and then social media stole it and never even say "thank you"smh.  He blindly and steadfastly supports all Black NFL Coaches and Quarterbacks, and has an unhealthy addiction to the TV Show Criminal Minds, and Family Feud, as well as Sweet Tea and Cinnabons.


At any rate, take a look around, click on everything and share everything with your family and friends!  Oh yeah, make sure to invite me to the cookout and any open-bar wedding receptions! Logawt!

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